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How to make Bibimbap EASY Recipe!

Listed as one of the top Korean dishes, Bibimbap is an extremely hearty main dish. It is actually mixed rice with an assortment of vegetables and protein.

Bibimbap was one of my favourites to order when I used to frequent Korean restaurants quite a bit when I was living in Asia. I never knew that it is so simple to make! Nevermind that, it is so delicious, healthy and has everything you need in a bowl. AMAZING!

Now that I'm exploring different sorts of Asian cuisines to share you. I realised that the secret to a good Bibimbap is the sauce. The assortments are bland and can be easily made.

However, make sure you create a tasty sauce, and you can easily impress your family or guests with a well-made Bibimbap. Don't tell them it's easy! Shhh!

Here you go! An ultra-easy recipe to make Bibimbap. This dish is super delicious and also healthy. Not only that I will also help minimise your food wastage!

Please give it a go and feel free to let me know how you think!

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