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4 Aug 2019

I have always yearned for a set of luscious eyelashes. Especially those that Zac Efron, Jude Law & Zayn has got! Unfortunately, as a Chinese, I am not genetically gifted with beautiful eyelashes. 

Although there are tricks up my sleeves to make them l...

30 Jul 2019

If you have been following my Perfect Selfies content, you should know by now that most pictures on my Instagram are taken by myself. As a photographer, model & content creator, I have worked out some secrets to photograph myself for my social media...

21 Jul 2019

Truth to be told, I have NEVER had a proper FULL skincare routine before using Poppy Skincare. I have always kept my routine simple with a decent face wash, toner & moisture, that's it. My skin was never really problematic. This is the first time I h...

23 Jun 2019

Painstakingly shy?
Afraid of meeting new people?
Prefer to be with a small group of close friends?
Lack of confidence?
Has limited social skills?
Enjoy alone time?

Do you also feel this way most the time?

Well, I do, and if you do too, you're...

15 Jun 2019

(Exciting update: 15% off for the ENTIRE range of Poppy Austin product from Amazon UK! Promo code: PAUBZTPF)

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If you are thinking of layering your skincare products, hyaluronic acid is a good start! Before, when I was l...

8 Jun 2019

(This is a sponsored post by iHerb. I have tried this amazing product for a month before writing this article. New iHerb customers click here for 10% DISCOUNT)

Springtime is when everything comes to life! As we emerge from the depressing winter and st...

20 May 2019

Are you an aspiring model? Have you ever wondered why a fashion model always have a particular look on their faces when they pose? Some may think that it is just a "blank" look but, don't underestimate it! That look is a piece of art that conveys sub...

17 May 2019

The diversity of the human race has always been a topic to talk about. Ever since moving to the west, I have been thinking about my heritage, my very own existence. Why? I never like to conform and be labelled, I prefer to be just, me. Despite being...

7 May 2019

(Exciting update: 15% off for the ENTIRE range of Poppy Austin product from Amazon UK! Promo code: PAUBZTPF)

Click here to Purchase on Amazon.

As I entered my 30's, I am becoming more receptive into skincare than ever! These days my skincare regime is...

22 Apr 2019

Facial Sonic Brush has been in the market for a long time. I have been seeing them in the market for several years even before I started a proper skincare regime. However, I did not pay much of an attention to them. I thought it is a gimmick and a go...

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